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" Sir, As a service manager, I’m sure you often hear from customers with complaints. While many are quick to complain at the slightest perceived injustice, I for one don’t think people take enough time to pass on compliments for service well rendered. Allow me to highlight a good experience I recently had with Arie, one of your service representatives. I have a 2002 F-250 Diesel 4x4. I’ve owned the truck since 2005 and it has been a great vehicle. While I have always taken pride in performing my own service, as I have gotten older (and now with small children) I have less and less time to do so. Recently, I was driving home from work and realized I had a seized caliper. As I only had a few weekends left at home before a lengthy deployment to Afghanistan, I decided to bring the truck to Capital to have the service done. Arie arranged for me to pick up a rental vehicle next door and was prompt with inducting my truck. The next day, I got a phone call, and the technician who performed the service inspection found several issues, the most serious being the seized caliper that I was aware of, to more minor issues that could be considered elective but nonetheless significant, such as 4x4 vacuum seals. Not wanting to spend too much money (particularly since I planned to sell the truck) but also wanting it in the best condition, Arie was very upfront with me in recommending which service to perform to ensure long life of the truck and which services would be ‘nice’ but not necessary. After authorizing service, all repairs were completed on the truck within 36 hours. Throughout the process, I found Arie to be upfront and honest and completely transparent about what the truck needed, what I could easily do myself on my own time (he ordered a few parts for me), and what would be best to take care of while the truck was in the dealership. I was completely satisfied with the vehicle when I picked it up and it has held up well since. I can sell the truck now confident that all major service issues have been addressed. I will certainly refer any of my friends to Capital for service needs. In the past I have stayed away from dealership service departments because of poor service, but I am comfortable that if my truck needs work while I am deployed my wife will be able to work with your service department without fear of headaches. Thank you for a good experience, and you can rest assured that when we are in the market for a new truck at the end of this year we will consider shopping at Capital. Sincerely, Max "
- Max Wright
" had my Mercury Milan in for an issue. Lee was determined to figure out what it was for me. He took the time to listen to me and my concerns and came up with a great resolution! When my car was finished he took me out to my car and went over and showed me everything they fixed! Kudos to Lee!!!!! "
- Beth
" I have had very good experiences with Capital Ford. I have bought a couple of cars from them and the process was very smooth. From the salesmen to the finance advisors, everyone at the dealership was very friendly and helpful. They worked together to provide us with the best deal and we are extremely pleased and satisfied with our experience. And remember, "If you buy anywhere else, you'll pay too much. "
- William Bell
" To whom it may concern, This letter is in regards to the exceptional professionalism that was displayed by Mr. Lee Fowler (Truck Shop Manager and Senior Master Ford Technician). First off I will start off by stating that I am in the military. Personal experience and fellow patrons experience has shown that businesses around military bases usually try and take advantage of military members. This was absolutely not the case with Mr. Lee Fowler. I was extremely fascinated with the help that he provided, so a couple of weeks ago I called Ford Headquarters to try and illustrate just how impressed I was with his courteousness and professionalism. I have been to the Ford Diesel Truck Service Shop three times for service on my Ford F-250 6.7 Liter diesel truck. Every time that I have entered the dealership Mr. Fowler has been one of the first employee to greet me. Each time he gave me extensive explanations and in depth guidance on what was going on with my truck. When I first purchased my truck he took an hour of his day just to walk me through all the "ins and outs" of my new truck. Due to his actions I will definitely recommend that specific Ford Dealership to anyone who owns a Super Duty Truck. His professionalism and Dedication to his job directly influence the reputable distinction that Ford tries to uphold. I definitely believe that an employee of Mr. Fowler's caliber should be greatly recognized. "
- Sgt. Temple
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